Top BANDAGE Oxyfit


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Top BANDAGE Oxyfit

INSPIRED FOR: Train, yoga, pilates
Removable cups. Removable cups let you choose extra concealment.
MEDIUM SUPPORT. Intended to provide medium support.

Has the property UV Protection 50, which blocks the passage of sunlight and ultra violet.
Protecting the skin with a factor above 50 (SPF 50 +).

Fabric Suplex Pettenati High Compression.

The Supplex® is a fabric that provides optimum support with balanced elasticity, firm the body without bothering to mark the skin. Its technology helps guide the passage of sweat to the environment, preventing the piece is soaked and uncomfortable. This ability to maintain thermal comfort helps in the proper performance of the workout as the body will not need to spend more energy by regulating the internal temperature.

Composition: 82% Polyamide 18% Elastane.

Polyamide: high strength, easy washing, crease resistance, low moisture absorption, nice touch, fast drying and helps the body perspiration. Another feature is the good acceptance of textile finishing, which allows to obtain fabrics with different visual aspects.

Elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber, its main competitor. It can be stretched more than five times their size and can still recover the original length even after being stretched and retracted several times

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