Sweatpants AZURE


$ 43.97 $ 89.80

INSPIRED FOR: Train, yoga, pilates, urban style and casual.
You look comfortable and beautiful with this pants.  
Product with Stretch technology. It allows much more comfort during physical activity.
The item has two front pockets and two back pockets with zipper. 
Composition: 94% Cotton | 6% Elastane
Cotton is a natural fiber and is easily washed and/or dry cleaned. Cotton is a good strong fabric and has a good absorbing capacity.
Cotton fabric has very good breathable characteristics, it is hypoallergenic, agreeable to touch, it is suits perfectly for people with skin hypersensibility. It has low thermal-conductivit. In summer it prevents your skin from heat, and in winter it preserves the warmth of your body.
Elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber, its main competitor. It can be stretched more than five times their size and can still recover the original length even after being stretched and retracted several times
One Size Fits All - 36 to 42 - Brazilian numbering system.