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INSPIRED FOR: Train, yoga, pilates, workout studio, dance, urban style. 



Made with soft touch fabric with matte finish.

Delicate, the legging is produced with details of the waistband in cirrê fabric with protection UVA and UVB and counts on lightly satin finish.

Details on Tule / Network on the legs.

Smart-Cut technology. The fabric cutouts in the product are modeled for the enhencement of the female body. This product models the body with slight compression for better support to the musculature during physical activities. EASY CARE (no need to ironing) and breathability, plus UVA / UVB protection +50 (Excellent) and hydrophobic / anti-static finish, providing greater absorption and dispersion of moisture .

It also has anti-peeling characteristics.

Composition: 92% Polyamide | 08% Elastane

Polyamide: high strength, easy washing, crease resistance, low moisture absorption, nice touch, fast drying and helps the body perspiration. Another feature is the good acceptance of textile finishing, which allows to obtain fabrics with different visual aspects.

Elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber, its main competitor. It can be stretched more than five times their size and can still recover the original length even after being stretched and retracted several times
On size fits most - 36 to 42 (Brazilian size) 2 to 8 (US size)
Please be advised that we do not exchange pieces that have Tule / Screen fabric parts, due to the delicacy of the material.